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Data Protection Workshop Overview

Making GDPR compliance natural, not forced.

The Data Protection Law is being updated on 25th May 2018, which means that organisations should start planning now in terms of how they are going to make sure they are compliant, but also how they can make sure their sales and marketing processes aren’t hampered by potential restrictions.

Our GDPR workshop is an informative and fun session that will educate on the legal aspects, and provide templates for sales and marketing to run campaigns that build opt in from your audience and keep you compliant.

Need a Data Protection Workshop?

If you would like to run an internal staff training workshop on the new data protection, then please get in touch. Even if it’s past May 25th it’s not too late, compliance is an ongoing journey.


Regardless of what happens with the UK leaving the EU, the requirement to comply applies.

  • Who it applies to
    • Who has to comply and why
  • Terms and definitions
    • Glossary of terms and outline roles and responsibilities
  • Consent standards and requirements
    • What’s the new standard and obligations
  • The accountability principle
    • New item: how it will work in practice
  • Lawfulness & Conditions
    • Items you need to take into consideration
  • Rights for individuals
    • Such as right to be forgotten, right to withdraw consent and clarity of process
  • Information you need to supply (DPIA)
    • How you analyse and mitigate risk
  • Impact of profiling & automated decision making
    • How your technology may increase your obligations
  • Employer and Employee obligations
    • Where the boundaries of responsibility lie
  • Breach notification
    • When and who?
  • Developing a data strategy
    • Building a long term strategy for cleaning data, building data and maintaining data
  • Understanding what you have
    • Consolidation and segmentation
  • Obtaining consent & on-going consent
    • Examples of campaigns and content and the psychology of opt in
  • Keeping data accurate
    • Campaigns to keep information accurate and up to date
  • Opt out transparency
    • Keeping audiences engaged while remaining compliant
  • Opt in campaigns
    • Creative and interesting ways to build new audiences
    • Handling customers and prospects
  • Handling 3rd party data
    • Do you need it? How else can you acquire data?
  • Engagement campaigns
    • Example campaigns that drive opt in and engagement
  • Acquisition campaigns
    • Example campaigns for lead generation

During the workshop, your team will be given templates and workflows they can use to get started, as well as case study campaigns to share ideas. We do a number of interactive exercises during the workshop to keep the team engaged and to generate ideas for your organisation.

Post workshop we do a follow up communication to help you keep your team on track with an action plan for the quarter following the workshop. The objective is to get people thinking GDPR compliance as a natural rather than enforced process.

Pricing depends on the number of attendees and the location of the workshop, which can be held at your offices, or offsite.