Top recognition for Ice Blue Sky

Top recognition for Ice Blue Sky as one of the UKs fastest growing B2B marketing agencies

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The B2B Marketing UK Agencies Benchmark Report 2022 names Ice Blue Sky in the top 81 marcomms agencies and top 10 rising stars.

Ice Blue Sky, a B2B marketing agency focused on ABM, demand generation and sales excellence, is delighted to be recognised in The B2B Marketing UK Agencies Benchmark Report 2022.

Ice Blue Sky is listed in the Top 81 UK B2B marcomms agencies and the Top 10 rising stars, a recognition of the agency’s continued and significant growth, which in 2020 (The financial year covered by the report) saw a 66.5% increase in gross income for the agency and 12 new clients.

Commenting on the report, CEO Charlotte Graham-Cumming, said:

“We’re thrilled to be recognised by B2B Marketing’s UK Agencies Benchmark Report. While in the last two years we’ve all experienced challenges, I’m proud our team was able to deliver such great results for our clients.

“Our continued focus on ABM has been a major factor in our growth over the past year, as more and more tech businesses realise that personalisation and tailored content is much more important to successful lead generation.”

Ice Blue Sky has also invested heavily in sales enablement, setting up a new practice in the agency, and is seeing much more demand amongst larger B2B tech clients, and is another factor in its growth success.

About The B2B Marketing Agencies Benchmark Report 2022

The UK Agencies Benchmarking Report includes the top 81 UK B2B marketing agencies (ranked by gross income in their most recently closed financial year), and shows who’s growing the fastest, where they operate, and more.

The report includes:


  • In-depth analysis examining the state of the UK agencies marketplace. We look at how agency headcounts and income have changed, as well as agencies’ priorities, drivers and challenges.
  • Insight into just how the highest performing agencies are doing so well. What’s instigated such huge growth?
  • A collection of thought pieces from our sponsors, each offering a unique viewpoint on a different aspect of B2B going into 2022 and beyond.
  • The agency showcase pages. Learn what makes UK agencies tick, and figure out who’s the best fit for you.

About Ice Blue Sky

We’re an award-winning B2B marketing agency, specialising in helping small and large technology brands reach more customers and win more business.

We focus on ABM, demand generation and sales excellence for the technology sector, working with companies such as Cisco, BestPath, Antalis, CACI, Laybuy, Sorted and SD Worx.

If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to hear from you, so please email

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