Why revenue enablement is the strategy boost you didn’t know you needed

Following multiple projects where we’ve analysed large amounts of demand generation data in order to support the ABM strategy process, here’s our short guide to the three main areas you’ll want to  prioritise in order to get your data where it needs to be.

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Where were you when you first heard about ‘revenue enablement’? If it was a split second ago, reading this article, you’re not alone. In our recent survey 47% of senior B2B professionals in the technology sector were unfamiliar with the term. And yet, revenue enablement could help you make significant improvements to your efficiency and success rate, through better internal collaboration and a stronger customer focus.

Using revenue as a lens to focus your enablement activity changes your organisation’s perspective to empower everyone in the process: sales, marketing, and customer success.

Without this alignment of purpose at a granular level, misunderstandings can easily and unintentionally arise in-house and with partners, resulting in wasted resources, duplication of effort—sometimes aimed at conflicting goals—and dissatisfied customers.

Although ‘revenue’ may sound like an inward-looking term, in practice, the concept as defined by Gartner1 centres on delivering a consistent customer experience.

Moving to a revenue enablement model typically involves a change in corporate culture and mindset, so needs to be owned by the C-suite—and a Chief Revenue Officer role is a good way to drive this. Starting the transformation with a pilot will help you quantify the benefits of the approach and develop a robust business case for necessary investment.

Putting the processes and tools in place will not be a 5-minute job, but the time and resource investment should strengthen the relationships between the teams involved and repair the costly and inefficient fragmentation that has built up over the years.

End-to-end visibility allows businesses to improve the relationships they have with customers, creating better customer lifetime value and increasing retention and margins.

Find out the steps needed to boost your strategy through revenue enablement with our handy guide and learn the perspectives of senior B2B technology professionals in our detailed survey report.

Download your free copy of Revenue Enablement in the Technology Sector.



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