Stop sleepwalking through a misalignment nightmare

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Are you tired of stumbling through business challenges caused by misaligned sales, marketing, and customer success functions? It’s time to embrace a revenue enablement strategy that drives success through seamless collaboration and shared goals.

Our recent survey of senior B2B technology professionals uncovered the real-life consequences of function misalignment and the transformative power of revenue enablement. Download now.

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Soapbox: Episode 7 – Creating the Commercial Marketer

In this episode we are joined by Richard O’Connor, CEO of B2B Marketing, and we couldn’t believe how this episode flew by! We chatted through how and why marketers need to elevate their conversation to board level and really champion themselves – I feel we may have a part two coming!!

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Predictive AI – a way forward for B2B Marketing teams

Oh yes, not another blog on AI.

But let’s start here: You’re in a meeting and the CEO has announced the acquisition of a new company, and they want to integrate them into the marketing plan now, extracting insights from their 2,000 customers so that you can market your solutions to them.

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